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4030 Elite

The 4030 ELITE Suit and Helmet System is designed in collaboration with EOD operators and is tested in accordance with NIJ 0117.01*, the US National Institute of Justice Public Safety Bomb Suit standard.

4030 Elite

It introduces a new approach to EOD protection, delivering superior survivability and enhanced ergonomics at a reduced weight, along with a user configurable and scalable platform.
*Certification to the NIJ Standard is in process

User Configurable
The 4030 ELITE offers a highly modular and scalable system with the option to build and accessorize the suit around the user’s individual requirements. Communication and cooling systems can be integrated within the base suit without full scale upgrades – a significant cost efficiency benefit. There is also a wide range of size options with the ability to mix and match jacket, trousers and frontal plate, providing additional flexibility. Different coloured suit outers can also be added according to the operating environment.

Enhanced Fit & Mobility
The 4030 ELITE provides enhanced ergonomics and dexterity due to our patents in flexible armour construction. The user is able to crouch, climb and crawl easily. The suit is lightweight and uses the latest materials and design features to provide a flexible fit and extended wear. The frontal armour breast plate comes in multiple sizes and can be detached by the operator unaided, a benefit in confined spaces. New design features have been added to enable faster donning and doffing and there is a wide size range to fit 5th percentile female to 99th percentile male operators.

Seamless 360 Protection
The 4030 ELITE delivers 360° protection against all aspects of an explosion (flame, fragments, blast overpressure, and tertiary effects), with seamless coverage of critical areas. The patented frontal armour plate, with its unique curved design, deflects blast away from the torso and neck limiting the risk of fatal injuries. Spine protection is built into the suit. The suit and helmet system achieves an optimum performance to weight ratio and is tested in accordance with NIJ 0117.01.

Advanced Optical Performance
The 4030 EOD helmet has a powerful demisting visor with a wide field of view, delivering superior optical performance over prolonged periods on operation. The one size fits all helmet shell offers a high level of impact protection and includes comfort liners to ensure a comfortable fit. The helmet is powered by standard AA Lithium Ion batteries.

Safety Features
Several new features have been added to the 4030 ELITE suit to deliver enhanced safety and faster doffing in an emergency. Our patented Quick Release System has been improved to enable the user to get out of the suit unaided in less than 30 seconds. High visibility red markers have been added to the jacket and trousers to allow first responders to identify key areas for emergency extraction and there is a robust two shoulder drag rescue system.

Advanced Cooling
The 4030 ELITE has a powerful ventilation system within the jacket, forcing cool air around the operator’s body. It has a flame ingestion cut off feature for improved safety. Additional cooling and refrigeration systems can be added to the suit for specific operational needs.

CBRN Integration
The 4030 Elite suit provides CBRN integration

Optional Accessories
NP Aerospace offers a wide range of accessories such as communication systems (cameras, torches, headsets) through to refrigeration systems and protective clothing such as overboots and gloves. This gives the user the flexibility to build the suit around their individual requirements.

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