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4030 Elite

The 4030 ELITE Suit and Helmet System is designed in collaboration with EOD operators and is tested in accordance with NIJ 0117.01*, the US National Institute of Justice Public Safety Bomb Suit standard.

CAMAC Platform Armour

Combat Proven
Engineered using a unique combination of advanced ceramic and structural composite materials, our high performance, combat proven CAMAC platform armour delivers outstanding, multi-hit performance at up to 50% less weight than equivalent steel products for land, sea and air platforms.
We have extensive engineering capability to design complete custom composite armour systems to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our armour systems are tailored to the requirements of the threat, the individual platform and its operational duties.

Cr1000 Raman Explosive Raman Detector

● Raman detector is a rapid identification of harmful liquids, solids and powder material instruments. It’s durable, with small size, light weight, and so on. It’s for the identification of hazardous substances on-site identification, cost-effective.

EOD Robots

1.Use of front 2 swing arm + track structure ;
2.High torque 6 degrees of freedom exhaust robot can achieve any angle of rotation;
3.Equipped with 360 ° image system, 360 ° monitoring no dead ends;
4. Capture weight of 10kg;
5.Wired and wireless control, in the interference environment using wired control;

Handheld 1.5m Metal Detector

This unit, the TC-90 detector, as a result of applying of the advanced technology, refined design and sophisticated foreign units, is of quite depth of detection, accurate identification's capability and convenience of operation.

LASA AC915 Ballistic Helmet

High-cut Tactical Ballistic Helmet
The LASA AC915 is NP Aerospace’s most advanced ultra-lightweight high-cut tactical ballistic helmet.

LASA Ballistic Shields

NP Aerospace designs and manufactures a full range of ballistic and blast handheld shields and trolley mounted systems. Smaller variants have been specially designed to offer full mobility to end users, enabling the user to move at speed while remaining protected, while larger variants are available for where a more comprehensive level of protection is required.

LASA LWB Covert IC06

The cutting edge LASA LWB Covert IC06 body armour plate, designed to fit under standard clothing is ideal for military and law enforcement operations where the wearer needs to blend in with their surroundings.

Powerful Wire Cutting Equipment for Bomb Swat

1. General
Control distance:30M
Output current:DC12V 500Ma
Wire shear capacity:8 (gunpowder type)
2 (mechanical type)
Operating temperature:-20ºC~+50ºC
Redundancy functions: measure wire passage and resistance

Remotely Control Bomb Wire Cutter for Disposal Operations

1. General
Control distance:30M
Output current:DC12V 500Ma
Wire shear capacity:8 (gunpowder type) 2 (mechanical type)
Operating temperature:-20ºC~+50ºC
Redundancy functions: measure wire passage and resistance

SRED-DT Portal Explosives Detector

Based on SRED-Ⅰ, SRED-DT with small volume and light-weight, can detect explosives quickly and accurately with wipe sampling mode, which is especially applicable to public security check such as building, important places and etc. In addition, SRED-DT is easy to operate with little training.

SRED-EP I Portal Explosives Detector

To meet the needs of real-time data transmission and snapshotting for evidence, SRED-EPI Explosives Detector is added with 4G/3G communication module, Beidou and GPS positioning and navigation as well as video forensics, which is suitable for preliminary security screening and data post-processing.

SRED-ER I Portal Explosives Detector

SRED-ERⅠ portable explosives detector has been improved in stability and detecting efficiency, which is particularly suitable for channel test applications with heavy human traffic, such as metro, high-speed rail, large-scale exhibition activities, etc.

SRED-IJ Portable Explosives Detector

SRED–IJ explosives detector with high sensitivity, used to detect hidden explosives has been created, which is based on the monolayer sensing flims chemically fabricated by self-assembling of fluorescent conjugated polymers.

SRED-NP I Portable Narcotics Detector

SRED-NPI, based on the fluorescence technology, is the most advanced portable narcotics detector. It can detect narcotics with fast response and high efficiency by simply wiping the surface of the suspected target, which is particularly suitable for first-line narcotics officers.

Safety and Comfortable Search Suit

● SBF-ATFY02-type search suit is mainly used to search for explosives and exclude low-equivalent explosives.
● It is lighter compared with the bomb disposal suit, and more flexible in action, more comfortable of wearing experience, still provide full protection, suitable for the search of explosives, especially in a wide range of bomb searching operations.

Tfdy-03 Style Bulletproof Vest with Accessories

* Covering front, rear and side protection
* Optional detachable collar, shoulder, throat, biceps, groin and lower back protectors.
* Bulletproof panel is able to compatible with both tactical outer carrier and concealable inner carrier.
* 16USD for a concealable inner carrier (Optional).
* Removable washable outer cover.
* Adjustable shoulders and side.
* Panel Material: Aramid UD Fabric (Kevlar)
* Outer Cover Material: 500D Cordura
* Protection Level: From NIJ IIA to NIJ IIIA

Wamk4-II Hooks and Lines Kit

1.1 Hook & Line Bomb Disposal Equipment for Removing Explosive Devices, Multi Accessory Hook and Line Kit

Xw/Rb101 Security Surveillance Radar

● XW/RB101 security surveillance radar is mainly composed of a radar array and a power adapter.

EOD robot
metal detector
hook & line
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