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LASA AC915 Ballistic Helmet

High-cut Tactical Ballistic Helmet
The LASA AC915 is NP Aerospace’s most advanced ultra-lightweight high-cut tactical ballistic helmet.

LASA AC915 Ballistic Helmet

It combines NP Aerospace’s hybrid ballistic helmet shell and tactical add-ons with CAM-FITTM H-Back Combat chinstrap and D3O’s TRUST® blunt impact helmet liner system.

Key Features
● Ultra-lightweight hybrid composite shell construction weighing just 1.10kg (gross weight – medium helmet)
● Protection against 9mm round (threat as per NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA) and high levels of fragmentation protection
● Utilises D3O TRUST® helmet liner system, which exceeds Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protection levels by 33% at 10ft/sec
● Utilises CAM-FITTM H-Back Combat chinstrap for optimum comfort and extended wear
● High cut helmet shell for increased situational awareness
● Available with lightweight open architecture side rails, bungees and a 3-hole NVG shroud for mounting tactical accessories including lights, hearing protection/comms, strobes, cameras, night vision goggles and mounts, HAHO/HALO O2 masks and CBRN/Gas Masks.

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